Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can we please go again??

Camping that is......our kids had a blast! No limitations, free to run wherever they want, get dirty and not worry about a bath, no bed time (even though they were all asleep by 9:30) I would defiantly take them again! It was a lot of fun.....The only thing I would worry about next time is keeping Jayden out of those dang chiggers! I had to take him to the Dr. yesterday, he had so many bites on him! Poor guy, of all three of the kids and us he was the only one to end up with that many bites (guess he is just to sweet!!) Luckily they were able to help him out and prepare us for next time! We are talking about going again before it gets to cold. Jeff's girls didn't get to go and they really want to so we will wait until they are here for the weekend and take off again! Thanks Alfy and Kristina for letting us utilize your camp spot!

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