Friday, August 29, 2008

101 things I love.....

1. My kids

2. My husband

3. My Mom and Dad

4. my family

5. great friends

6. Jessica, Jackie, and Jeremy (sisters and brother)

7. long road trips

8. WINE (oooooo, sounds so good)

9. living the legacy my grandma left behind

10. my dogs Jill and Milo

11. date nights

12. pink

13. having a clean house

14. pedicures

15 watching October road

16. seeing old friends

17. making trips "home" to Riverside (I really miss it sometimes)

18. hour conversations with my mom on the phone

19. having my kids run to me after a long day of not seeing each other

20. going a day or so without seeing my husband and getting the same response as above!

21. shopping

22. taking pictures

23. my job

24. learning more everyday about my job

25. hugs

26. baseball (I have to stand my ground though, take the heat, hear the roar and say........I'm a cubs fan!!!)


28. knowing that I have "city blood"

29. also knowing I have a "country heart"

30. scrap booking

31. school spirit

32. cuddle nights that require no sex

33. sitting outside

34. giving

35. family guy

36. reminiscing


38. long showers

39. sleeping in

40. the smell of clothes when they come off the line

41. the smell of rain

42. seeing the smallest accomplishment of a child who was unable before

43 once again here I go with you Missouri folk.....IOWA HAWKEYES!!

44. running

45. old country music

46. saving money

47. the smell of Clorox

48. garage sales

49. motorcycle rides

50. flowers pick from my kids (dandelions usually :)

51. a clean bed

52. when everything is shaved and fresh (sorry, but I do love that feeling :)

53. caring people

54. my children's questions

55. parties

56. swimming

57. lazy days

58. shopping (I'm sure I said that, but boy do I love it :)

59. changing styles

60. fishing

61. my cousin Kalena

62. fresh cut hair

63. giving someone fresh cut hair

64. coupons

65. birthday cards

66. a clean car

67. my husband doing housework

68. being pregnant (not going to go there again, but I did like it, both times)

69. well, just that ( <- ) in general :o)~

70. low bills

71. COFFEE (I can't believe that's not way up there)

72. being young

73. feeling accomplished

74. painting my fingernails

75. the excitement in children

76. looking at old pictures

77. facebook

78. myspace

79. blogging

80. going to weddings

81. feeling energized

82. potatoes

83. hot tea

84. decorating

85. kisses and I love yous before bedtime

86. reading books to my kids before bed

87. long conversations

88. money

89. medicine

90. technology

91. babies

92. being a step mom

93. the sounds of the night when your windows are open

94. pictures drawn by my kids

95. new purses

96. the "I love yous" from my husband in the middle of conversation

97. horseback rides

98. peach pie

99. playing cards

100. nothing

101. being myself......without that I would have none of the things listed above!


Andrea Frederick said...

I can't believe coffee wasn't way up there too. I hate how I read someone else's and say I like that too! I love cuddle times without sex, too bad it doesn't happen more often.

Miss Jenn said...

oh, the 'j' names in your family! i'd never keep it straight. just realized that i forgot to put jayden's postcard in the mail for sonlight tomorrow...:( totally my bad...hopefully he forgot & hasn't been watching the mailbox!? sorry, but looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!